Ways Parents Can Help

One of the best ways for parents to support their children's experience at school is to regularly communicate the value of learning. It is important for students to understand the connection between success at school and success in achieving their dreams and aspirations. When parents hold their children to high expectations of learning, while at the same time nurturing them emotionally, children will naturally thrive.

We encourage parents and children to discuss what school expectations are and why they are important for learning and maintaining safety. These conversations can help motivate students to follow expectations. We also encourage parents to use some of the same language that we use at school such as "personal best," "voice level 1," "walking feet," etc. Here are some additional tips to help support your child's behavior at home:

* Invite your child to help you come up with expectations at home. Here is a helpful template:

* Make sure that your child understands what you expect and why it is important.

* Be consistent in your expectations.

* Acknowledge and reward your child's effort in following expectations. Remember, acknowledgements should describe what your child did in specific terms and can be followed with a simple "thank you" or high five. Rewards for expected behavior can include things as easy as giving your child a special chair to sit in at the dinner table, letting them be your "special helper" at the store, or playing a game of their choice.

* Make sure consequences are reasonable and enforceable. If you cannot follow through on your consequences, your authority becomes undermined and misbehavior persists.

* When children do not follow your expectations, allow them to learn from their mistakes and make amends.