Supporting Students Who Show Unexpected Behaviors

We believe in holding all students to high behavioral expectations. The behaviors required for students to feel safe and to benefit from their school experience represent a set of learned skills. Learning how to behave appropriately in school is a process, and sometimes students make mistakes. When students behave in ways inconsistent with school expectations, it becomes an opportunity for learning.

When students make mistakes, we cannot let them go uncorrected. Instead, we immediately draw students' attention to the behavior, explain to them how that behavior is falling short of the expectations we have, and give them an opportunity to practice corrected behavior. We seek to promote restorative justice: we believe that consequences of unexpected behaviors should prioritize teaching students the negative impact of misbehaviors and assisting them in repairing any harm that might have been done as a result of their actions. In this way, students learn how to show respect, take ownership, and conduct themselves in a manner that supports all learning, including their own.

We provide many preventative and responsive strategies to help support individual student behavior. Some of these include:

*mindfulness activities 

*extra jobs 


*Check-In, Check-Out 

*scheduled breaks 

*flexible      seating

*small group SEB instruction

*alternative       schedules 

*earned    rewards

*sensory breaks 

*brain breaks and energizers 

*cool down activities