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Social Emotional and Behavioral



To support the individualized social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students through preventative and restorative practices and foster the values of kindness, self-regulation, and empathy within our school community.


Behavior Management at Coolidge

A calm, safe, and respectful school culture lies at the foundation of the excellent learning environment we believe our kids deserve at Coolidge.  When students come to school expecting orderliness, kindness, and consistency, they are more likely to thrive from their experiences in and outside of our classrooms.  We expect students to be respectful, to follow all expectations and procedures, and to always do their personal best.

In order to ensure the learning and safety of every one of our students, we have chosen to implement PBIS as our system of behavioral management.  PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is a set of proactive strategies that foster a positive school culture by explicitly defining, teaching and reinforcing school-wide behavioral expectations in both classroom and common areas of the school.  When students demonstrate expected behaviors, they are acknowledged for them.  We believe that this has a more positive and lasting impact on student learning than the more traditional approach of using punishment-based strategies after misbehavior has already occurred.



SEB Team

Jenn Dockendorf – Early Learning

Mark Hackenmiller – 5th Grade

Amy Hanisch – Music

Sarah Meyer - AK Associate

Julie Morningstar – Kindergarten

Laura Murray – Special Education

Greg O'Connell – Principal

Thom Scott – School Counselor



Contact Information:

Thom Scott

(319) 558 - 1607