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American Memory (Photographs of North American Indians  (1907 - 1930) by Edward S. Curtis)


Encyclopedia Mythica - Need a definition or explanation from a Native American story?  Try out this site.


National Museum of the American Indian  


Native American Clothing - This site shows photos of clothing from a variety of Native American groups.


Native American Culture This website has hundreds of links to Native American tribes.


Native American Nations - Links to several Native American websites

bullet Native American Recipes  Hungry?  In this site you'll find recipes of different Native American groups including acorn bread, Indian pudding, and Navajo fry bread.
bullet Circle of Stories - This PBS site is a link to stories of many Native American cultures.
bullet Native American Technology and Art - This website has great information
bullet about innovative uses of technology and the arts by Native American groups
bullet Native Americans - This site was developed by an individual, but has links to many Native American websites.
bullet Native Americans - This site includes many links to Native American groups


bullet Four Directions Institute - California Indians
bullet Chumash
bullet Modoc
bullet Pomo
bullet Yokuts

Eastern Woodlands

bullet Abenaki
bullet Chippewa (Ojibway)
bullet Cree
bullet Delaware (Lenni Lenape)
bullet Fox (Meskwaki)  
bullet  Iroquois (Carnegie Museum)
Iroquois History
bullet Kickapoo
bullet Micmac/Mi'kmaq
bullet Mohawk   
bullet Narragansett
bullet Oneida
bullet Passamaquoddy
bullet Pennacook 
bullet Potawatomi
bullet Sauk (Sac)  
bullet Seneca
bullet Shawnee
bullet Tuscarora; Tuscarora  # 2 (Fact Sheet for Kids)
bullet Wampanoag
bullet Winnebago

Great Basin

bullet Paiute   Southern Paiute
bullet Ute Indians
Ute History


Northwest Coast & Alaska

bullet American Memory - American Indians of the Pacific Northwest (photos, maps)
bullet Chinook 
bullet Haida (Fact sheet for kids)  
bullet Quinault
bullet Tsimshian


bullet Arapaho
bullet Blackfoot  
bullet Cheyenne
bullet  Hidatsa History
bullet Mandan 
bullet Oglala Sioux
bullet Pawnee 
bullet Sioux Nation (Lakota, Dakota, Nakota)
bullet Yankton Sioux


bullet Cour d'Alene 
bullet Flathead (Salish & Kootenai Tribes)
bullet Yakima (Fact sheet for kids) 


bullet Cherokee  Cherokee Facts for Kids  Cherokee (List of several websites about Cherokee)   
bullet Choctaw
bullet  Creek #2
bullet Seminole  


bullet Anasazi (Ancient Pueblo People)
bullet  Southern Apache
bullet Havasupai #1  Havasupai #2
bullet Hopi #1  Hopi #2 (Pueblo) 
bullet Mojave/Mohave
bullet Navajo
bullet  Pima # 2
bullet Zuni (Pueblo)

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Overview of the History of Native Americans

Southwest Native Americans