Quest for Gold

Coolidge Student Love to Read!!

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Coolidge Cougars “Going for Gold”…why YES we are! However, what does it take to achieve gold? Practice, Practice, Practice and yep, more practice. While watching the coverage of the Olympics, I witnessed a lot of interviews and background information of athletes that had one common theme: They practiced harder than the average athlete. Many of these athletes put in 4-6 hours per day practicing their sport and they had support from coaches, family and friends who believed in them more than they did. Some athletes even admit that they did not even like or were not very good at the sport. Nevertheless, as they practiced and understood their sport they got better and started to enjoy it. However, it didn’t stop there. They decided they wanted to excel in that sport and began practicing harder to become the best they can. They didn’t stop at anything to realize their goals. They even practiced when all they wanted to do was sit on the couch and do nothing. It was amazing and inspiring to watch!


Much like those Olympians, the students of Coolidge Elementary are training for their “Gold”. Each and every day our children show up to school, they are coming to get their training from their teachers, support staff, and whomever they come in contact while at school. However, their “Gold” is not going to come in a medal on a podium. It is going to come first in the form of a diploma as they walk across the stage at graduation. The second “Gold” they will receive is when they land the dream job they have always wanted. They will look back and realize the effort they put into their training was all for that moment.


Training starts by setting goals. While everyone has their own goal of what they want to achieve, we belong to the team of Coolidge Cougars, where our individual goals combine to achieve greater goals.  Each of our classrooms have a goal of 20 minutes of reading per night. I would like to help to keep encouraging our athletes to reach this goal with rewards that would be different than in years past. Each athlete will receive a scorecard where they can record their minutes read or minutes someone has read to them (i.e. training). Each week, they can bring in their completed scorecard and place it in a large book titled "Calvin's Quest for Gold". I will record the minutes each week and induct the athletes to the “Hall of Fame”, where they will see their name on a gold star.


To kick off this reading adventure we will decorate a snow plow blade from the City's Streets Dept. This will help us to remember no matter how tough it gets we must “plow” through it. As the months go on I will add up the total minutes read and let them know how many minutes our whole school has read. There will be a slide showing our progress on the TV by the office. I foresee this event to be fun and exciting for our team!


Feel free to contact Coach Regina at with any questions.


Thank you for your support of your athlete as they make their “Quest for Gold”!

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