Volunteer Opportunities


Coolidge Loves our volunteers...

The parents of Coolidge are doing well with helping us get the fun fair items and we are very appreciative. However, we are still needing the following:
1. Classroom raffle baskets items. Deadline is this Thursday April 2nd. Anything turned in after that will go into the "mystery basket."  We have classrooms that have NOTHING turned in.
2. Volunteers. You can sign up at www.sagepoint.com/2015games.  We have less than half of our 150 spots filled.

3. Name brand canned soda and full size candy bars that are used for prizes.

The fun fair is a big job and we could not do it without the support of our Coolidge families. Thank you to those of you that have helped. Again, we appreciate it immensely.

Brooke Baker and Christina Larsen