Meet Coolidge Energy Bus Driver: Ms. Goedeken

Media Specialist: Ms. Goedeken

A few of Ms. Goedeken's Favorite Things:

Color: Red

TV Show: The Crown

Movie: "La La Land"

Book: Charlotte's Web

Food: tacos

Game: UNO

Season: Summer

Animals: Cats and Squirrels


Q: How many years have you worked at Coolidge?  What other schools have you worked at?

 A:  3 year - I have also worked at Cleveland, Jackson, Grant, and Sarah Adams in Lake Zurich, Illinois.


Q: Favorite Subject to Teach?  Why?

A: Library - I love to get kids excited about reading and technology!


Q: What kind of pets do you have?

A: 1 fluffy cat named Mia


Q: Tell about your family

A: 2 sons - Evans (4th grade) and Kai (Kindergarten)


Q: What are your favorite things about Coolidge?

A: I enjoy working with the dedicated experienced Coolidge staff and teaching our inquisitive, respectful students.  I also love to teach my own sons and see them in the halls at Coolidge.


Q: What are some things you are looking forward to teaching/doing at Coolidge this year?

A: We have some great new library books that I'm excited to share with Coolidge students.  I've also learned about some cool, technology that I look forward to integrating with my lessons.

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